Happy Loving Friends (Adult) Gold Medalist

D Thre3 ,Colombia (Silver Medallist ,Adult Division)

Algorhythm Crew (Adult Division)Bronze Medalist

Airclipz, (Adult Division)

Precision Crew, (Adult Division)

The Homies (Duchess Division) Gold Medalist

Femme Fatale (Duchess Division) Silver Medalist

Creed Queens (Duchess Division ) Bronze Medalist

The Crew, (Duchess Division)

Migas, (Duchess Division)

Junior Precision - (Teen Division) Gold Medalist

Creed Royale (Teen Division) Bronze Medalist

Outline Crew, (Teen Division

Freeze Frame Legion, (Teen Division)

Intellectuals Pantsula (Afro Styles) Gold Medalis

Prokonyoko (Afro Styles Division)Silver Medalist

GB Wild (Afro Styles Division)Bronze Medalist

Goboriya, (Afro-Styles Division)

Ozone Shield (Junior Division) Gold Medalist

Freeze Frame Nano (Junior) Silver Medalist

Lil Elite Crew (Junior Division) Bronze Medalist

Junior Elite Crew (Junior Division)

Empire Crew (Legion Division) Gold Medalist

Divergent Crew (Legion Open Division)

TDHC x Blueprint, (Legion Open Division

Destruction Crew (Legion Jnr) Gold Medalist

Ozone Junior (Legion jnr Division) Silver Medalist

Gabrielle Jacobs - Next Gen(9-12yrs)

NJongo - Popping 2vs2 Battles

John & Hellie(Angola) - Popping 2vs2 Battles

Midian - 2vs2 Popping Battles

Shammy & Midian (The Butternuts)

B Drago & L Drago

Mustang & Jay Groove(Angola)

Shammy & Midian (The Butternuts)

All Styles (16yrs & under) 2vs2 Battles Finals

Next Gen (13-15yrs) 1vs1 Battles Finals

Afro Styles 2vs2 Battles Finals

Breaking 2vs2 Battles Finals

Krump 2vs2 Battles Finals

Afro Styles 2vs2 Battles Finals

Inter-Continental 2vs2 Popping Battles - Finals

Spartan (USA) - Krump workshop preview

Candace Brown (USA) - Workshop Preview

Rudi Smit (SA) - Workshop preview

Rudi Smit (SA) - Choreo demo

Marie Poppins (France) Popping Workshop

Empire - Legion Division Preview - FRONT ROW

Creed Royal - Teen Division Preview

Havock - Adult Division - Preview

Omega Freeze Frame - Legion Division Preview

Migas - Duchess Division Preview

Creed Queens - Duchess Division Preview

Blueprint - Legion Division Preview

Jnr Precision - Teen Division Champs

Buddha Stretch - Judges Showcase

Creed Juniors - South Africa

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