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News Flash : 8 -16 September 2018 #Johannesburg #SouthAfrica

Inter Continental Dance Workshops 8-9 Sept
South Africa Qualifiers 13 Sept
Inter Continental Championship | Battles 14 Sept
Africa Dance Championship | Crews 15 Sept 
Inter-Continental Championship | Crews 16 Sept
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. #ADC2018 #ICDC2018

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Marie “Poppins” Bonnevay is a french dancer, choreographer and artistic director. She discovered the different elements of the Hip Hop culture in France and has been training in Locking, Breaking, House, Waacking and Choreography, and found her natural strength in Popping. She made it her goal to move to the United States and finally got the chance to in college, when she was accepted as an exchange student in Chicago. After her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles where she started training more than ever. Marie started entering competitions and taking them left and right (Hip Hop International Las Vegas, Bboy Summit, Step Ya Game Up, Soul Session Norway, HipOpsession…) She became part of Culture Shock LA, Style Elements Crew, Warriors Crew, Academy of Villains and We Are Heroes for America’s Best Dance Crew 8. Marie also got her MBA Degree in ITESM Mexico. As a dancer, Marie has worked with artists such as Justin Bieber, Busta Rhymes, NeYo, Celine Dion, Dj Tiesto, Rita Ora, KRS One, Snoop Dogg, Common, Ludacris and more. As a choreographer, she worked with Kelly Rowland, Brandy, Trevor Jackson and Yass (“Empire” tv show). She was also casted in the movie STREETDANCE 2 and has starred in many commercials (Google, Microsoft, Budweiser superbowl, I Robot), and worked with the leading choreographers and directors in the industry. She has also been casted for many theater shows in different countries (Denmark “Carmen”, Sweden “Twisted Feet”, Japan “The Battle 2015”). Marie also teaches workshops in other parts of the world and has judged competitions in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Spain, Colombia, Thailand, Russia, etc… Her goal is to spread her knowledge that she learned and developed in Los Angeles. She wants to continue her work in the dance industry but also give back consistently to the community. Marie also wants to stay active battling in international competitions and remain a strong force representing women in Hip Hop. instagram: @mariepoppinsdancer

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AMCK Dance
Untamed Dance Crew
Untimitive Dance Crew
Primitive Dance Crew
Willem Botha (Director/Editor)
The Waackers
Lakota Silva
Loyisa Bala
Lloyd Cele
Danny K
Honey 3: Dare to Dance
Rudi Smit is an international Jazz Funk / Hip Hop / Waacking choreographer and dancer from Cape Town, South Africa specialising in stage and media.
Rudi Smit (signed with AMCK Dance) is an internationally recognized choreographer, dancer and artistic director specializing in Hip Hop, Jazz Funk and Waacking. He has taught in, performed at and judged competitions in over 20 countries that span over Africa, Asia, Europe, North America & Australasia.

These include:
USA, England, Ireland, Russia, China, Italy, Greece, Germany, New Zealand, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Scotland, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Cyprus, France, Spain, Zimbabwe & South Africa.

He is the founding member and choreographer for Untamed, Primitive and Untimitive Dance Crews, the creative and executive director for Dance2XS South Africa and is also a member of The Waackers International.

He has choreographed/assistant-choreographed for the likes of Inna, Lloyd Cele, Loyiso Bala, Lakota SIlva and has most recently been one of the lead choreographers for the Universal Pictures production of 'Honey 3: Dare to Dance'.

His judging credentials include:
-Fame Your Choreo (Russia)
-Salonika Open (Greece)
-ProDancers Waacking Battles (Greece)
-The Street Dance NZ HHI Nationals (New Zealand)
-HHI Nationals (Greece)
-Danza Vedizione (Italy)
-Hip Hop Summit (Cyprus)
-The W.H.E.S. Choreographic Competition (Italy)
-Sun City Battle Of The Giants (South Africa)
-World Supremacy Battleground Qualifiers (South Africa)
-SADTA Hip Hop Nationals (South Africa)
-SA Hip Hop Cup (South Africa)

-Choreographer Of The Year
-Crew Of The Year
-YouTube Clip Of The Year (B.E.A.D.S.)
-Most Influential Dancer Of The Year
-Waacker Of The Year
-Male Dancer Of The Year

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Buddha Stretch was influenced by his dad Emilio Austin, Sr. His Dad danced as a youth and provided Stretch with discipline, inspiration, support and motivation, and remained by his side to guide him throughout his career. This foundation carries Stretch, a father himself, throughout his personal and professional career today. Stretch heavily impacted the dance world by bridging the gap between what was termed, Ol’ Skool and New Skool

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High & Low                                - Dancer -     Mr. Kubo

LDH Dance Collection DVD           - Dancer -     Mr. Kubo


Electric Halloween                         - Dancer - PCKZ/EXILE

Super Dance Night SYTYCD China   - Assistant - Tight Eyez

The 57th Grammys w/ Madonna      - Dancer - Jamie King, Megan Lawson

The Brit Awards w/ Madonna          - Dancer - Jamie King, Megan Lawson


Mighty Warriors – “Mighty Warriors”      - Dancer - Mr. Kubo

Veronica Vega – “Pay Me”                    - Model - Oththan Burnside

Skrillex – “Recess”                               - Dancer - Jon Jon Augustavo

Tight Eyez – “Wype Ny***z Out”           - Dancer - Tight Eyez


Puma (Online)                                      - Dancer - Salah

Jade Shoe (Online)                               - Dancer - JADE SHOES


Krump – Tight Eyez, Mijo

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